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How we help

We offer a range of services to enhance your profitability through procurement of air conditioning and ventilation services. Our design team and key air conditioning partners such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Daikin, make it possible to offer you the best value for money on all our key services.

We’ve have expertise working with an extensive range of environments, from occupied offices, new builds, high security sectors and healthcare. And by working with you from the initial consultation, all the way through to a full design spec and cost estimate, our engineering team can ensure you benefit from our design experience and proactive approach. This, along with the expert asssistance of our project management team, will ensure that you save both time and money at every stage of the project.

It’s these things that have helped us forge a reputation for high-quality installation, delivery and engineering that’s second to none.

How we add value


With over 30 years’ experience, our dedicated design team have all the expertise you need to offer a bespoke design solution to your particular building’s ventilation and air conditioning needs.


Energy efficiency is the first step towards making your organisation, and your building, more sustainable. The most effective way to do this is by looking at the existing services. Pulse Project Solutions can help control your rising energy costs, reduce environmental footprints, and increase the value and competitiveness of your building.

We can also analyse your existing energy usage, suggest suitable energy savings solutions, and put these ideas into practice.


Our approach to reporting centres around our client’s needs. We design bespoke reports specific to the needs and requirements of each building and industry sector, and offer a range of future-proof solutions.

These specialist reports are built to support your future by balancing economic, environmental, and social outcomes.
Our professional team will then provide a review of your current building’s energy usage and provide a clear picture of your energy consumption patterns, as well as alllowing you to see how you can make capital improvements, reduce carbon emissions, improve sustainability and address tight budgets.

Payback Analysis

With savings of up to 20-50% available from day one, our design and installation management can help deliver the savings you need to cut costs.

With the ongoing rise of energy prices, the growing burden of legislation and the increasingly complex energy market, our design engineers can offer a full environmental solution,

We can offer advice in complying with energy regulation. Understanding exactly when and where you use energy and targeting savings is the first step in developing your energy management programme.

There are a lot of options available, however, we feel that the key factor is making the right choice for your business. Whatever solution you choose, our engineers and designers can help you maximise the full benefit of your investment by achieving shorter pay back periods and future savings.

Cost Solutions

Pulse Project Solutions is focused on helping you save money – from buying your air conditioning and ventilation system, to reducing your running costs.

We offer financial solutions with long-term financial benefits, as well as advice on tax efficient ways to secure long term investments through energy saving with looking at the environment and building to ensure the information is more specific to your needs and requirements.

We can provide fully-tailored cost reports based on your expectations and budgets to meet your company’s requirements.


Our aim is to make energy efficiency achievable and within the reach of any size organisation. So we understand that financing is often required to help make this vision a reality – and help provide you with a cost neutral solution.

But given the scarcity of credit truly available from the High Street Banks, we find that many businesses are looking to alternative sources to finance their project. So that’s why we offer a lease rental option, which will help keep hold of valuable working capital.

The type of finance agreement and commercial terms should reflect the nature of the transaction and profile of you the customer with a view to being the most tax efficient solution preserving flexibility to terminate.

Commercial factors will include fixing interest rates and contract length with transfer of title predetermined so that costs are known at the outset.

We have several reliable finance partners and manufacturers with multiple sources of funds to flex with client credit profile whilst facilitating transactions by forming part of the invoice chain between suppliers, funders and clients.

So if you wish to discuss further the benefits leasing may offer, or you would like indicative monthly costs (subject to underwriting), please don’t hesitate to enquire as we would be happy to assist.


The ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) scheme is run by the government to encourage people to use energy efficient equipment. The ECA system allows you to claim back 100% of the first year capital allowance any approved kit that’s listed on the Energy Technology Product List.

This means that if you pay 30% capital gains tax and installed an air conditioning system costing £100,000, then on your next tax return you would offset the entire £100,000 – meaning £30,000 will come straight off your tax bill.

For more information and for the full Energy Technology Product List, go to